Building a new tailor-made rehabilitation center in Uganda

The construction work is well underway on what will become a new and modern rehabilitation center in Lira. The Adina Foundation Uganda will for the first time after 10 years of continuous service in Uganda, be completely autonomous, and self-reliant.

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Enterprising Barbara is creating her own livelihood

Barbara is a great example of what qualities can be found in the disabled children that receive attention at Adina’s Centre in Lira. After attending vocational school, Barbara opened her own hairdressing salon.

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A Physical therapist on a motorcycle in the bush

A motorcycle with sturdy tires are a must when our Physical therapist needs to visit their patients in the villages without proper road infrastructure, located several miles away from the main roads.

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Theater group and savings scheme in Tom's village

Tom Ongom is one of our most talented "agents of change". He convinces people that it is best to work with Adina's holistic thinking when their village is to be modernized.

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Father abandoned Joseph and the 16-year-old mother

His father left when he found out that he was physically disabled. His mother refuses to give up on little Joseph when she had him as a 16 year old. Help from Adina Foundation Uganda (AFU) is key in his improvement.

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The Adina Center saved Vivian’s life

Vivian’s family spent a lot of money trying to make her healthy, but nothing helped. Coincidences would have it that they came into contact with our professionals in Lira, and this was what was needed to save her.

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Fakta om Uganda

Offisielt navn: Republikken Uganda

Hovedstad: Kampala

Største byer: Masaka, Jinja, Mbale, Mbarara,

Språk: Engelsk og swahili (offisielle). Luganda, plus flere andre lokale språk.

Flateinnhold: 236,040 km3. 

Folketall: Ca. 42 millioner (2018), ca. 7 millioner bor i byene

Under fattigdomsgrensen: 19,7 % av befolkningen (2014)

Fattige: 14,7 millioner mennesker regnes som fattige eller nesten fattige

Forventet levealder: 59 år (2013)

Uganda rangeres som nummer 147 av 175 land på UNDPs siste Human Development Index (2003).

Lira: Regionhovedstad, 230.000 innbyggere