Building a new tailor-made rehabilitation center in Uganda

The construction work is well underway on what will become a new and modern rehabilitation center in Lira. The Adina Foundation Uganda will for the first time after 10 years of continuous service in Uganda, be completely autonomous, and self-reliant.

The new buildings are fully financed with funds from various private donors who also contribute towards humanitarian activities in several African countries. This is a great vote of confidence, and a huge amount of recognition from people working outside of The Adina Foundation. The center has long been a dream of ours, and we could hardly have wished for a better anniversary gift for our 10 years of dedicated work. The cost is estimated at $180.000.

Construction work is well underway in Lira.

The construction project has been careful planed out, with the help of a team of highly skilled people with expertise in their individual fields. The architect and the staff who will be working in the center once it is open, have collaborated to find the best solutions for how the new Lira Rehabilitation Center (LRC) will be furnished. The Adina Foundation owns the land where the new center will be built, the land was previously used for arable and pastoral farming. Some of the old buildings are of very solid construction, and will be refurbished and modernized, while other parts have been torn down to the foundation in preparation for new buildings.

The architect has in collaboration with the Staff, planned out 140 square meters of space for appliances, wall bars, crossbars and benches; for the physical therapy. Everything will be arranged in a way that the physiotherapists feel confident will work best for them and the children that come to be rehabilitated. This section will also have an office, two toilets, a nursing room and a separate waiting room. Patients' integrity will be properly preserved.

The new center was designed by a local architect.

It is very important to The Adina Foundation that the children who need treatment at The Lira Rehabilitation Center don’t have to sacrifice the education that will help them thrive later in life, during their treatment at the center. The plans for the site includes a school building with two classrooms, with space for two social workers and two teachers. The modern facilities will make The Lira Rehabilitation Center an attractive workplace, and providing the children with high quality care and education is very important to The Adina Foundation.

In the modern center our social workers will also get better working conditions than before. They have a central job and are important for maintaining the children’s welfare at the center. They are also important links that maintain the connection between The Adina Foundation and the surrounding villages we reach out to help.

Unfortunately, the construction workers must be sent home during the corona restrictions. 

The dormitories are designed to initially accommodate 40 children, but the capacity can easily be expanded to 50 children. This is double the capacity compared to today's facilities.

When the physiotherapy building, the classrooms and the dormitory have all been completed, work will begin on building a modern kitchen. The outdoor areas are large and will accommodate outdoor activities and games that are key elements of our rehabilitation program. What used to be the storehouse on the old Adina Farm will be turned into a treatment clinic and will host a modest pharmacy. The old administrative block of the farm with that previously had three spacious rooms, will be renovated and turned into the Lira Rehabilitation Centers administrative department.

- The construction work is currently subject to the temporary corona rules that the entire Ugandan community must adhere to. This also applies to the activities we have at our current center in Lira, according to AFU board chairman Sam Atul.

- On April 1 2020, all companies and organizations - except those with important roles - were closed for 14 days to fight the spread of the corona virus, which includes the construction workers at our new center. We wait and hope that we can start again soon, says the chairman.Sam Atul is Chairman of the Board of The Adina Foundation Uganda.


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