The Adina Center saved Vivian’s life

Vivian’s family spent a lot of money trying to make her healthy, but nothing helped. Coincidences would have it that they came into contact with our professionals in Lira, and this was what was needed to save her.


We visit a well-kempt farm surrounded by shady palm trees and lush pastures. On the family’s farm plots they produce peas, oranges, bananas, and corn. This is almost sufficient to produce enough food and income for the family of nine. In addition to the fruits and vegetables they grow, the family has four cows and three goats that graze peacefully in the green meadows behind the house, and provide milk and meat.The Okai family can smile again after the successful treatment of Vivian.

Just a few years ago, the family’s situation was a very different one. When Vivian was 14-years-old, she got an infection in her leg. The family’s first instinct was that the girl had been cursed by a witch, so they sought help for her from a doctor in the village. This doctor, however, was the only one who ended up profiting from these visits, and he was not able to stop the infection in Vivian’s leg. The outlook was grim for Vivian as her family had no more money for further treatment.During a good year, the earth will provide almost enough food for the entire family.

Then, as coincidence would have it, The Adina Foundation were running an information campaign in the village. Vivian’s father George and mother Hellen got in touch with our staff and told the sad story of Vivian’s fate; that she was in danger of losing her life if something was not done about the infection immediately.

“It was a very destructive time for us, and Vivian’s health affected our whole village,” George Okai says. Since her recovery, Vivian has been able to put the traumatic time behind her, and the hard working family’s frame of mind has changed for the better again.Organic and locally grown food.

Vivian’s parents are certain that The Adina Foundation saved their daughters life, and are now some of the loudest self-appointed ambassadors for the center in Lira. This can no doubt be very challenging in an area where many still believe so strongly in superstition, like the existence of witches.

The parents now encourage others with disabled children to contact our staff when they visit the village. Vivian goes to a boarding school situated a little way away from the village, and occasionally either her mother or father will pay to ride with a motorcycle to come and visit her. Public transportation is not well developed in the area.It’s okay to be skeptical when strangers interfere in the middle of playtime.

Vivian’s family live in a village that can best be defined as a modern settlement. It has its own common savings bank, with highly disciplined borrowers. George and Hellen say they invest everything they can, so as to be able to get the best education possible for their children.

Vivian's plan for her future, now that she has one, is simple and well-founded: “I will be a doctor because a doctor helped me.”The duties are distributed evenly among the siblings of the family.


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