Theater group and savings scheme in Tom's village

Tom Ongom is one of our most talented "agents of change". He convinces people that it is best to work with Adina's holistic thinking when their village is to be modernized.


Tom is 42 years old and father of eight. He came into contact with our center in Lira when his son Emmanuel got treatment from us. Today, Emmanuel is a fully rehabilitated youth of 16 years and attends a vocational school with construction and engineering as a subject. His parents were at one time worried about their son, would he be able to get married when he was considered disabled, how would a woman look at him?The village has built a solid water source with a protective fence.

Tom exudes natural authority and is a volunteer coordinator for the village's family group. He is involved in the group because he aims to pay back to Adina what they have given him in the form of a fully-functioning son. The village consists of 35 households, and there are 15 disabled children living here. Together with Adina’s people, Tom explains to residents that children with a disability can and will be helped. Tom's own son has become a role model in a culture where the power of example is great.When Tom takes the floor, people in the village listen as Tom is one to trust.

Tom and the wife Lucy want all their children to go to school and both work to earn enough for their tuition fees. They harvest from a diverse farmland, 12 beehives, and have fish in a few ponds just outside the village. The parents work hard, but do not look at the children as labor in the family farm. The children help, but they should not be free labor for the family. "Proper education provides greater opportunities for good work," says the family’s father.The children follow when the village's adults are gathered for important discussions.

Our field workers are often visited by this family group and they see that Tom's village has become a solid example of the Adina Foundation's holistic thinking resulting in better family interaction, while improving conduct and understanding of the greater community in which the village is a part of. A theater group has been started that creates and performs its own plays where the theme is good and less good aspects of life in the village. The very creative group has fun together and entertains the residents. The similarities with a Norwegian village group are striking.The theater group makes pieces about family violence and the dangers of too much alcohol.

The village has created its own savings bank where farmers can borrow things such as seeds. According to Tom, there are no problems with repayment of the loans, but no one can borrow money if they do not have a plan for the use of money and the repayment. The borrowers are thoroughly questioned before the jointly managed box opens for loans.



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