2018’s best Christmas present is the beginning of construction on Adina Home

We couldn’t ask for a better Christmas present than seeing the digging machines break ground on the plot of land set aside for Adina Home. We hope the excellent start will be followed by a mild winter and good working conditions in Siminicu de Sus.


The Adina Foundation will move into its own tailor-made house during 2019. So far, the winter has been relatively mild and our contractor - SC Rescomt SRL, is well underway with the preparatory groundwork. This includes securing access from the main road, to which the local road authorities have given their OK in something approaching record time.

Papers are signed by the municipality in February 2018, and since then the municipality has been an efficient and good partner for The Adina Foundation.

The building will be approx. 370 square meters spread out on one level. It will be furnished and decorated following both Norwegian and Romanian requirements and standards for premises where one has activities for children and young people. We will have offices for our permanent staff and finally a proper opportunity to take appropriate care for all of our wonderful volunteers. The house is drawn and designed by a company in Craiova, and the contractor is based in our new home town of Simnicu de Sus. The Adina Foundation has been mindful that this project will give back as much as possible to the locally based businesses in terms of creating jobs in the area.

Snow in Simnicu de Sus and far ahead of the start to construction when board members from The Adina Foundation came to have an inspection in the winter of 2018.

Adina Home gives us an opportunity to develop and modernize the programs aimed at the oldest youth group. We believe our work will cause the best effect if we give all age groups suitable and interesting offers for activities in their local surroundings, in our new house it will become much easier for us to adapt the activities to suit the needs and wishes of those we work for.

The house will, besides offices, accommodate a kindergarten, after school programs, and a small library with room for computers that we can use for teaching basic computer skills. The flexible interior design also gives our prize-winning dance group much more elbowroom. The site that the municipality has given us is more than 4,000 sq. m so there will be plenty of outdoor areas, and one of our dreams is to build one or two football pitches.

The building itself is already fully financed thanks to outstanding gifts from The Balder Foundation, which has been the Adina Foundation's largest sponsor for several years. The Adina Foundation has, as the construction client of the project, hired a local building manager as regulations dictate. Thus, we are also ensured a continued flow of information on any and all progress made, and any adjustments to the plans that may happen. We have all along had a positive and constructive collaboration with both the government and the elected representatives throughout the planning phase, and we have encouraging arrangements with the municipality when it comes to municipal taxes.

The excavator sunk its teeth into the plot on December 13, 2018.

The Adina Foundation has become an important social contributor in half a dozen villages outside the big city of Craiova. Our well-educated social workers have built trust and a solid reputation through 15 years of work that benefit children and young people who have had a troublesome start to their lives.

Trust and solid local knowledge are also the foundation which we are constructing The Home Start Program around, and it will be run according to the same model that The Church City Mission uses in Bergen. The Adina Foundation is now an accredited member of the worldwide network that constitutes the Home Start family.

A good and flat plot with many opportunities for various activities outside the house itself.


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