Adina Taught Kiki how to dream

Cristiana Dobre is proving every day that hard work pays off for people looking to build a future in Romania. The 23-year-old is studying Medicine in Craiova, and she is a real Adina success story.


Cristiana, or Kiki as we all call her, laughs while telling the story of her first meeting with the Adina Foundation. She had never seen a foreigner before meeting Norwegians at our After School Program in Goiesti. It was thanks to The After School Programs dance group that Kiki got her first opportunity as a young girl to travel outside the village and eventually even go abroad. Kiki was annoyed that she could not understand the conversations around her when they were spoken in English, and became determined to learn the language.

Cristiana brings with her all the good memories, from both the School and After School Program in Goiesti.

“The Adina-environment taught me how to dream, but also to understand that if you work hard, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. It also made me understand how important it was to care for others” Kiki says, while looking back on the time she spent with Adina, both during the After School Program, and her time in Adina’s Educational Program. 

Our teachers at the Adina After School Program quickly discovered that Kiki was immensely good with her fingers, and that with her skills she could have a bright future in the field of dentistry and orthodontia. This set her on the path towards an education as a Dental Technician. “I quickly understood that this wasn’t the right path for me when I got started with the education. It was just sitting one day after another doing more or less the same things over and over.” Kiki says. That’s why she decided to throw herself into the considerably more academically heavy and longer study of Medicine.

Kiki is crystal clear on the fact that family is one of the most important building blocks towards success for anyone, and that to have roots in a good and safe family will influence many of the choices you make later in life. 

“I don’t come from a poor family, even though we have little money. I have learnt that money isn’t everything, and that it is far more important that the people around you believe in you, and your abilities, and that they support you. If you have a family that will help you build on your strengths, you can accomplish a lot.” Kiki says and smiles at her mother Ana Dobre.

Ana has all right to be proud of her daughter. Ana now works as a volunteer for the Adina Foundation in Craiova, because she has seen with her own eyes the results the Adina-Method has had on both of her twin daughters. Ana calls it contributing back. 

“Mom has changed quite a lot after she got involved with her volunteer work with Adina. She has gotten softer around the edges.” Kiki comments with a smile, as she points out that it is very nice to be able to go home to the village and her family every Friday for the weekend.Mother Ana Dobre is rightly proud of her daughter Cristiana and her life choices.

Romania is troubled with a high unemployment rate, and a lot of people leave the country to seek a living elsewhere. Kiki’s evaluation of the situation is clear: “Here in this country the prospects for work are small if you don’t know anything, but people who have an education and want something, can create big changes in our country” the 23-year old says.


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