The doors to Adina Home are finally open

After months of waiting patiently, children and teenagers are flocking to Adina Home in Simnicu de Sus. The district is now on yellow alert level for Covid-19, and we opened the doors wide.

BUSY. Even with several months of lockdown, it has been a fruitful and busy time at the house. The staff of Fundatia Adina Stiftelsen (FAS) has been at the offices, decorating and furnishing, but the foosball table and the table tennis have been left unused, and no curious little readers have been hunting for thrilling stories in the library bookshelves.

THOSE MOST IMPORTANT. After observing the house from a safe distance, our most important customers, a group of some very excited girls and boys, can finally come inside and make use of the house. There are not many after-school programs in this area. It has been some long months for the kids, some even with no school in the fall of 2020.

SOCIAL LEARNING.  Daniela, Laura, Valentin, Andrei and Razvan and all the others know Adina's activities and what to expect in company with our co-workers. There are loud pop noises at the tennis table and rousing cheers coming from the foosball games every afternoon. Many of the children have been part of our after-school program for several years in Goiesti and Fracas. Now the "old-timers" will be joined by kids in the same age group who are coming in from Simnicu de Sus. Teamwork, new acquaintances, and learning social skills will be a bonus for all age groups.


A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY.  The hours the children spend at Adina Home are valuable and welcome moments because an equivalent arrangement is not provided by the government in this district. Many of the children live within walking distance to the center, and others will plan their time at Adia Home with corresponding buses and other transportation alternatives to the villages. Attendance sheets from past years tell us that very few children will miss classes at the home, no matter the weather conditions or the season. This is the best testimonial for our staff.

OUR MOTTO. Properly arranged social activities and homework help, provided by qualified staff are important elements in every plan of action Adina has, and true to our motto: - We build people. Through the years we have witnessed many instances where skills and passions, that were nurtured in our social environment, have influenced career choices later in life.

ROBOT BUILDING. Computer technology is very popular and there are not many vacant seats in front of the computer screens in "the quiet room", in the library. RoboMech Adina Club is easier to operate in our own house. Here we improve the children's teamwork abilities, and their practical skills are challenged when small robots crammed with parts have to be assembled and programmed to carry out the most amazing missions. We are thrilled to learn that the Adina-crew is doing really well in national competitions all around Romania.

INSPIRES. We can perhaps assume that the activities in RoboMech Adina Club are instrumental when some of "our" girls and boys later choose to pursue an education in information and communication technology. Talented programmers and web designers are amongst the best-paid workers in today's Romania.


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